The UK Pink Floyd at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

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Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw put a positive spin on their new life as a duo

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Like a rainbow from a prism, this show promised to brighten my weekend.

Sadly, this prism did not shine a perfect light on the music of one of rock’s giants.

Though they shun the punning titles of so many Pink Floyd tribute acts, I would suggest one: Pink Flawed.

Rhythmic malfunctions and too many bum notes spoiled the opening half, the entire Dark Side Of The Moon. Any performance must be perfect.

Guitarists Dan Anderson and Steve Garden, however, were spot on, and vocalist Jess Upton excelled on The Great Gig In The Sky.

Things improved in the second half, with a selection from The Wall, and a nod to Animals.

The band, however, have improved since last year when they toured with U2 tribute ZU2.

In a crowded market, UKPF have some way to go to eclipse the competition.