The View at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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The View, it seems, are incapable of writing a song that isn’t laden with guitar hooks and blessed with a chantalong chorus.

Although their set was built around early – and well loved – material like Wasted Little DJs, Face For The Radio and Wasteland, even the new songs from the as yet unreleased new album, Cheeky For A Reason, seemed almost familiar already.

Singer Kyle Falconer may sound like Jimmy Krankie (ask your grandad) during between-song banter and his bush of hair may come from a land time forgot, but he knows how to belt out a tune in a true terrace singalong style.

The View’s songs capture everyday life in every bit as much gritty detail as the Arctic Monkeys (Superstar Tradesman is a classic), and they even deigned to chuck in their big ‘hit’ Same Jeans this time around, having abandoned their popular anthem to scruffy slackerdom in the past.

It was a strange choice to finish with Shock Horror but they redeemed themselves in my eyes by refusing an encore even though the Wedge was a seething mass of laddish chanting throughout.

Admire The View? Don’t mind if I do.