Jeanette's love of horror goes back to childhood

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Jeanette Voller is a keen poet – but it's her storywriting that has won her a prize.

The 73-year-old, from Daulston Road, Fratton, Portsmouth was judged to be the winner in the 16-and-over category of our Christmas ghost story competition.

Jeanette, who enjoys reading, receives a 50 gift card to spend at the Portsmouth branch of Waterstone's.

The mother-of-two particularly likes horror books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz and James Herbert.

She also recalls childhood nights listening to Valentine Dyall, The Man In Black.

Jeanette, who does voluntary work and also attends weekly bellydancing classes, says: 'My brother used to turn the wireless on in the bedroom and this man would read spooky stories in a spine-chilling voice.'

She says of her winning story: 'I juggled it around in my mind and then it just all came out.

'I did it in a couple of hours, but it was too long so I had to go to work with the Tippex.'