Review: Russell Brand at Portsmouth Guildhall

Russell Brand
Russell Brand
Victor Ariat

Smooth sailing for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Russell Brand swaggers on stage to Depeche Mode song Personal Jesus and ends up comparing himself to Gandhi, Malcolm X, Che Guevara and the Messiah himself.

Would we expect anything less? But since he has a lot to say about the media and his words being taken out of context, I’ll attempt to explain.

It is of course tongue-in-cheek and brilliantly clever in Russell’s rambling way.

Brand has plenty to say about the flaws of such men(Che’s smelly shirt is the least of our worries), the lack of heroes and martyrs in modern society, religion, philosophy, politics, ecological and economic crises and the worship of celebrity to the fill the vacuum in our lives (he appreciates the irony here).

It’s a stroke of brilliance that despite the subject matter and Brand’s swaggering style, the comic is at his best when he’s at his most self-deprecating.

A victim of his attention-seeking nature, Russell wonders how he could have gone from despising the mass-consumerism and hysteria surrounding the Olympics to appearing in the closing ceremony on top of a bus in Willy Wonka garb.

And how did he end up trying to make serious points on a news show looking like a ‘pie-eyed Rasputin’?

He may be consumed with the ills of society but don’t worry, this is still our favourite purveyor of love and laughter.

From philosophical theories to the fact that David Cameron ‘looks like a painted egg’, it’s all delivered by way of fun, filth and flamboyant language.