REVIEW: The Red Shoes at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

The Red Shoes at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. Picture: Johan Persson
The Red Shoes at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. Picture: Johan Persson
Roddy Woomble in Glasgow, December 2016. Photo by David Gillanders

Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble proves he’s not delusional as he prepares to come to The Wedgewood Rooms

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Sir Matthew Bourne has created yet another masterpiece. Based on the 1948 Powell and Pressburger film of the same name, The Red Shoes is a ballet within a ballet where, in the second act, life really does begin to imitate art.

It tells the story of dancer Victoria Page who ultimately has to make a choice between the man she loves and her love of dance.

The leads dance the roles exquisitely in a number of different dance genres to tell their story.

With Sam Archer playing Boris Lermontov, Ashley Shaw dancing the role of Victoria Page and Chris Trenfield as the love interest Julian Craster, we are treated to climactic ends to both acts.

The staging is quite simply superb, with its moving proscenium arch enabling us to be both the audience and backstage, in London one moment and Monte Carlo the next.

There are some laugh-out-loud moments in addition to the ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!’ moment, as the gentleman behind me exclaimed.The musical score, written and composed by Bernard Hermann is also of the right time.

If you know and love the film or the work of Matthew Bourne you’re in for a treat.

Until March 25.