Same Difference dropped

Hayley Garner, one half of street artist duo Nomad Clan, working on the mural at Play Dead studio in Highland Road, Southsea

Internationally renowned street artists Nomad Clan prepare for a career-spanning show in Southsea

Pop's favourite brother and sister duo, Same Difference, have been dropped from their record label.

X Factor runners up, Sean and Sarah Smith, were given a one album deal by talent show supremo Simon Cowell, after coming third in the 2007 show behind winner Leon Jackson and Rhydian.

But after their single and album failed to set the charts alight Syco records decided to cut ties with the Widley pair.

Sarah, 20, and 23 year-old Sean, still have a nationwide tour to look forward to with Jackson in May, who was also dropped from Syco earlier this year.

Speaking today they say they're glad they had a moment in the limelight and are now in talks to star in childrens television programmes. They're also constantly gigging around the UK and Ireland - mostly in holiday camps and gay clubs.

They blame the failure of their record to reach the top ten on the collapse of Woolworths - which was the major supplier to their target market of young kids.