Hard Times comes to Nuffield’s studio theatre

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards

Eddie The Eagle flies high as he tells his life story

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After a sell-out run of The Department Of Smelling Pistakes last year, Publick Transport return to the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton next week to attempt what the company call a ‘deeply relevant’ play about the state of the nation… and promise to fail magnificently.

They take a classic Charles Dickens novel, Hard Times, and give it a radical re-interpretation which (they say) bears no relation to the original whatever – boasting theatrical incompetence, petty squabbles and nervous breakdowns.

Entitled Very Hard Times, the production tackles the thorny issue of economic hardship by asking what happens when a hard-working, honest man can no longer afford to keep his wife in the style to which she has become accustomed.

· Performances will be in the Nuffield’s studio theatre on Monday and Tuesday (7.30pm).

· Tickets: (023) 8067 1771 or nuffieldtheatre.co.uk.

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