Non-stop laughs with the Admiral Players

The Admiral's Players present Stopped Interrupting.

The Admiral's Players present Stopped Interrupting.

Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D Hunter: ‘All you have to give is an honest opinion about anything and someone, somewhere will be offended’

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The Admiral’s Players bring comedy with a twist to Whale Island this week.

Stopped Interrupting tells the tale of a local amateur dramatics group who have a lot to contend with when one of their cast is knocked over on his way to the theatre.

By happy coincidence the driver of the car involved is their play’s author and agrees to step in to fill the role.

The remaining cast – and a couple of unexpected extras – attempt to get things back on track and perform something approaching the original story so they don’t have to return the ticket money.

The play toys with the audience, breaking through the fourth wall and uses the ensuing confusion to fantastic comic effect.

Stopped Interrupting run from April 8–10 at Fisher Hall, Whale Island, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £6, concessions £4 and must be reserved by 3.30pm on performance day. Call the box office on 07906 227709 or visit

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