Review: A Viking’s Tale at The Spring, Havant

SOOP rehearsing
SOOP rehearsing
Tom Chambers as Bobby in Crazy For You. Picture by Richard Davenport

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I’m not certain that Norse mythology features on many school syllabuses – and if Soop’s latest offering is representative of that body of stories, then that’s sad.

Soop Theatre has taken the tale of Sigurd the Dragon-Slayer and devised a family-friendly performance from it. Nathan Chapman’s multi-talented cast has five acting, singing and self-accompanying with gusto.

Ed Owen-Jones makes a very personable hero as Sigurd and is well-matched by Corinna Jane as his feisty love-interest, Brunhild. Their fight scene (that’s Viking love for you) is well-choreographed and very well-executed.

Caine Stanton shines as brother-and-sister Gunnar and Gudrun and Alistair Smyth is Walliamsesque as their mother, Grimhild. Smyth also comes across best in the singing, with a monster bass voice underpinning the rest of the company

Bizarrely, the best characterisation in the show comes from Daniel Scott in the non-speaking role of Grani – Sigurd’s horse. Using only noises and a horse-mask, Scott brilliantly conveys emotions ranging from love to exasperation.

A happy ending for three of the most unpleasant, conniving baddies may give out some odd messages to young minds, but that’s nit-picking. This show is good – and will no doubt grow as it tours.

Catch it when it’s next in the area.