Review: Blackadder _ Live on Stage, Ferneham Hall

Ian Darke

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Interalia Theatre’s production of the classic BBC TV series Blackadder opened at Ferneham Hall with an energised cast recreating four of the best-loved episodes.

With Sean Ridley at the helm, the cast is set to challenge the audience’s pre-conceptions of the characters. Ridley portrays Blackadder with skill and brilliance that mirrors the excellence of Rowan Atkinson.

Alexandra Maclean is also memorable in the role of Queen Elizabeth 1. Her combination of wit and an overly-annoying voice makes Queenie one of the most lovable characters in the show.

While the majority of the cast choose to try and recreate the original characters, Mark Harold attempts to make Baldrick his own. I can’t help but think people would prefer to see the character in the way Tony Robinson portrayed him.

Despite a few minor mistakes in the production, Interalia had the audience laughing and clapping along throughout. In aid of Comic Relief, it’s well worth a watch.

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