Review: Chris Addison at The Kings

Chris Addison

Chris Addison

Menopause: The Musical at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

REVIEW: Menopause: The Musical at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

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“You don’t get this with Frankie Boyle!” said bouncy Chris Addison as he mused on the price of olive oil.

In fact, he was so worried Portsmouth might be unable to muster his typical middle-class audience, he wondered if we’d all come over to the Kings Theatre from Chichester...

Super-smart, politically savvy, fizzing with ideas, and prone to hilarious digression from his point, Chris is a college-educated product of middle England unable to take life seriously.

Star of Mock The Week, and The Thick of It, he puts a witty spin on everything from the coalition government to the royal family, teenagers (always stabbin’ and phonin’), and the way we buy newspapers to confirm our prejudices.

But he also delves deeper, inviting us to question why we tend to form views in our ill-informed gauche, teenage years, that will then form the template for the rest of our lives. And he loathes the modern trend for cutting off debate by ending a sentence with: “Full stop”

Along the way there are gloriously funny tangents, such as an imagined, unintelligible conversation between Prince Philip, Bob Dylan, Boris Johnson and Bruce Forsyth.

He’s middle-class and proud of it, but as a stand-up comic, Chris Addison’s in a class of his own. Full stop.

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