Review: Craig Campbell, Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham

Tom Chambers as Bobby in Crazy For You. Picture by Richard Davenport

REVIEW: Crazy For You, at Mayflower Theatre in Southampton

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It’s not normal to wonder ‘What would it feel to be safely sat, in an armchair watching a tornado, from just three metres away?’

But I can say with confidence that it would be the sensory experience that I could most possibly compare Craig Campbell’s live performance to.

I’m equally certain it’s the best comic experience I have had in some time.

If you have not witnessed one of Craig’s shows before on stage or TV, you should.

We were treated to a passionate and excitable Canadian who can sell you a tour of the UK you forgot about and the perils you forgot to laugh at.

Give Craig five minutes more and you want to get on a bike – he likes to ride his motorbike wherever he can – and follow him around the world just so that you can see what makes his stand-up so lively and funny.

His style has been compared to the Big Yin’s, which is understandable given the huge hair, physical conquering of the stage and the storytelling.

But what makes his comedy his own is he goes from 10 decibels to 1,000 without putting the audience into shock, while he rapidly makes you feel the Ashcroft Arts Centre is actually his front room.

Finally, he makes you envy his view of the world yet to be explored.