Review: Derren Brown, The Mayflower, Southampton

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CBeebies star’s new show at the Kings, Southsea, promises to be blooming marvellous

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – that’s the saying Derren Brown throws at the audience as he attempts to maintain the mantle of cleverest man in Britain.

The show, Infamous, is what you’d expect from Derren – a fastpaced motion of illusions, mind games, hypnotism, which leave just enough time for you not to be able to unpick his modus operandi.

In the second half, he persuades about 50 audience members to sit on the stage and shows them that spiritual mediums are a load of codswallop, by performing the very same rituals. Derren theatrically says ‘nobody has the right to trample on your memories’ while running a steamroller over any sliver of hope they might have held.

His points are valid but the show is three hours packed with different illusions, some predictable, some debatable and some mind-blowing.

Infamous is worth a watch, even if it is does leave you feeling everything you say and do is so predictable Derren has already written it down and stuck it in an envelope somewhere.

Until Saturday.

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