REVIEW: Ghost The Musical at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Ghost: The Musical at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Ghost: The Musical at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Tom Chambers as  Bobby and company in Crazy For You. Picture by Richard Davenport

Nice Work If You Can Get It for former Strictly winner Tom Chambers in Crazy For You at Mayflower Theatre

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I am not ashamed to admit that by the time the curtain came down on Ghost: The Musical, I was a blubbering wreck and nudging my companion fervently for tissues.

The production is based on the 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze as the doomed Sam, killed by a random mugger.

Andy Bell portrays Sam, with Carolyn Maitland as his heartbroken sweetheart Molly – together they make a striking couple and there is more than a smattering of chemistry between the two.

The pair have beautiful singing voices and Maitland truly shines when she performs a stirring version of Unchained Melody – another reach-for-the-tissues moment.

Meanwhile, the scenes between Sam and psychic Oda-Mae are hilarious; Jacqui Dubois who plays her steals the show effortlessly with Are You A Believer? Stage-wise, the production is cool with a 3D skyline whilst dazzling billboards and a realistic depiction of a New York subway.

The special effects in the scene where Sam dies and switches from a corpse into a ghostly figure are simple yet impressive.

if you believe in life after death – and let’s face it, we all want to believe – this production shows it in a significant way, full of moving performances that will wrench even the hardest of hearts.

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