Review: Micky Flanagan, Portsmouth Guildhall

Micky Flanagan
Micky Flanagan
Tom Chambers as Bobby in Crazy For You. Picture by Richard Davenport

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Cockney comic Micky Flanagan kept the audience in stitches as he brought his national tour to a sold-out Portsmouth Guildhall on Friday night.

Previously a window cleaner, he’s now one of the most recognisable comedians in the country.

Flanagan has the working class appeal to him, making the stand-up gig more like a pint down your favourite local with a mate.

He recalls his new-found ‘fame’ as somewhat of a hindrance as he now cannot steal sandwiches from the local garage.

Flanagan is a breath of fresh air in the comedy world, as long as you like his ‘this is how it is’ approach to life.

But he is not a comedian for those of a sensitive disposition as the act includes some adult content, some material on religion and a lot of swearing.

Although some of the content is a bit on the risqué side, it’s hard not to love Flanagan’s genuine and warm performance.

He constantly mentions his wife and how uses her expectations of him to keep her entertained.

Overall, the performance hit the nail right on the head for the 18-40 mixed audience.

Everyone there enjoyed Micky’s rich banter and crude jokes. Great for those that don’t want to take life too seriously.