Review: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at The Mayflower

Promise and Promiscuity

REVIEW: Promise & Promiscuity at The Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham

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It can’t be easy to tour Priscilla.The wigs alone could qualify as a wide load and need a police escort to get from theatre to theatre.

The spectacular and award-winning costumes are clearly the stars of the cult show.

But at times you can’t help wishing for a little more sparkle and consistency and a little less Dulux chart gone awry. I didn’t know that many colours existed.

Still, this show about three friends glamming up the Outback en route to Alice Springs where they’ll perform a drag act is a blast – straight from the barrel of a paintball gun.

The script is thin, with the one-liners ranging from sharp to corny. But the disco diva numbers are fabulous – a highlight being the hilarious nod and wink contrivance that leads straight into Macarthur Park.

Richard Grieve is particularly good as Bernadette. Graham Weaver pulls off boisterous youth Felicia’s vulnerability.

The show is more colour explosion than character exploration but good fun.