REVIEW: Robin Hood, Mayflower, Southampton

Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace as Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Picture: Robin Jones

Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace as Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Picture: Robin Jones

7/2/2017 (CB)  The Portsmouth Players theatre group are putting on 9 to 5 (based on Dolly Parton's music) for their next show at The Kings Theatre from the 21st-25th February.   Pictured is: (l-r) Georgina-Rose Rust as Judy Burnley, Rachel Dean as Doralee Rhodes and Jacqueline Willis as Violet Newstead.  Picture: Sarah Standing (170182-2495)

REVIEW: 9 To 5: The Musical, Kings Theatre, Southsea

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This pantomime knows exactly what it wants to be and sets out to entertain the young, the very old and all those in between with a cheery buffet of special effects, dancing, singing and fart gags.

The writers Alan McHugh and Michael Harrison have taken so many liberties with the story of Robin Hood, but who cares as Shane Ritchie, in full-on cheeky chappie mode, woos the crowd – even those from Portsmouth who are obviously ribbed throughout.

This show has a series of showstopper moments.

If you have a child who’s interested in dinosaurs, buy your tickets today to see the incredible T-Rex.

If they like 3D, buy your tickets today, to witness the forest journey.

Featuring a storyline so thin you could cut cheese with it, and plot holes as large as the extensive auditorium, the audience – me included – didn’t care as the terrific pace, energy and fun completely made-up for any inconvenience of truth or storytelling.

It made me vividly remember the childhood pain of shouting my heart out about things behind you, and audience/bad guy disagreements.

It was loud, raucous and carefully inept in all the right ways to keep the crowds baying for more.

Robin Hood will put the sparkle on everyone’s Christmas.

Until January 8.

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