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Presented by Hedge End-based group, the Performing Arts Company, Titanic – Pride of The White Star tells the story of the sinking through Charles Joughin’s eyes.

The chief baker onboard Titanic told a new generation of audiences about the events of that tragic night.

On the cold April night in 1912, 2000 people were onboard the iconic ship as it sank, with an estimated 40 per cent of the crew from Southampton.

In 1956, a man and his two grandchildren searched in a dusty old attic for material to help with a school project when they came across a chest.

Little did the children know that the chest held memories for their grandfather of one of the most significant disasters in maritime history.

Titanic – Pride of The White Star is being performed from April 18-21.

n Tickets cost £7.50 to £9 from The Berry Theatre, Hedge End on (01489) 799499 or go to theberrytheatre.co.uk.

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