Watch out - the Daleks are coming

The Vaults, Albert Road, Southsea.

DISH DETECTIVE: Hit the Vaults in daylight and a totally different pub emerges

Daleks succeed or Daleks destroy! So says the leader of the meanest aliens in TV science-fiction in a new stage production in Portsmouth next week.

The Daleks have been sending children and adults alike scurrying behind their sofas for more than 40 years and are about to so do again at the New Theatre Royal.

Nick Scovell has adapted Doctor Who – The Dalek Masterplan and directs it for Interalia Theatre.

He also plays the Doctor but modestly says: 'The Daleks are the real stars of the show.

'When we produced Evil of the Daleks last year, they got a round of applause on their first entrance. We could all feel a frisson of excitement coming off the audience as they glided on to the stage. It was magical.'

Doctor Who has a long tradition of appearing on the stage. In Portsmouth alone, Bedlam Theatre began a run of recreating the 'lost' stories from the BBC archives in 2000, and Interalia picked up the mantle last year, playing to full houses every night

and raising funds for the theatre restoration fund and BBC Children in Need.

'It was the first time we had done Doctor Who since the TV series returned and the first time we had been able to use the Daleks,' Nick says.

'People were so excited we decided to try to do a sequel and thankfully the BBC granted us permission for one final, epic showdown.'

The production also features the 'live' voice of the Daleks from the TV series, actor Nicholas Briggs.

The Dalek Masterplan was a 12-episode story with the original Doctor, William Hartnell, but only three of the episodes exist in the BBC archives.

Nick has adapted the story to reflect the feel of the current series so that both old and new fans will recognise and enjoy it, he says.

When the TARDIS lands on the distant and forbidding jungle world of Kembel, the Doctor discovers that the Daleks, have conceived the Ultimate Weapon – the Time Destructor.

It is a device of such devastating power that it could finally bring their ultimate goal within their grasp: the complete and utter extermination of all other forms of life.

Doctor Who -The Dalek Masterplan runs from next Wednesday to Saturday< 24-27>, daily at 7.30pm with a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

Tickets: (023) 9264 9000.