Blaise Tapp

Blaise Tapp was a contestant on Ken Bruce's Popmaster quiz on BBC Radio 2

OPINION: A date with the high priest of easy listening

Having too much time on one's hands is something many of us can only dream about. And last week I found myself at the loosest of ends as I limbered up for the next stage of my career; a triumphant act two as opposed to that tricky second album. I hope.
A study found that being outdoors really does relieve stress.

OPINION: I need to get out more - literally

Has there ever been an angrier time than the present day? The Dark Ages were hardly a bed of roses but, back then, the Internet didn’t exist, meaning folk were generally unaware whether their neighbour had suffered a bad day at the slaughterhouse.
Blaise couldn't care less about his messy desk!

Who needs Veganuary? – Blaise Tapp

I am delighted to report that, half way into January, my year has begun largely how the last one finished – in a flurry of baked produce consumption and the odd glass of booze. 
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