Mess deck, Royal Yacht Britannia - hammock rails running from bulkhead to bulkhead across 8 Mess. Photo: John Stockham.

RETRO: Royal Yacht Britannia

Have you sent correspondence or photographs to The News’ Remember When column in the past five years? If so, we may still have it. If you would like it back, please call us on (023) 9262 2229 with a clear description of the images.  
A country scene at Bedhampton with cows at rest on Bidbury Mead, Bedhampton. Pic: Ralph Cousins collection.

NOSTALGIA: Ghosts, ghouls and cows in Bedhampton

Historian Ralph Cousins has published a new book, Bedhampton Miscellany. The 95-page booklet has been written by several co-authors and there are many photographs of Bedhampton – from Victorian times up to the 1950s and 1960s.
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