The cover of the Hayling Island branch line book showing Stroudley Terrier No 65  Preston  heading a train towards Langstone, about 1908.

Hayling Billy line remembered

Since the end of the Hayling Island branch line in November 1963, yes, that really is 56 years ago, there have been numerous books about the line.
Class 02 passing on to the dockyard branch from the High Level at Portsmouth & Southsea station in 1955. Picture: Mick Cooper collection.

Remembering Portsmouth's old dockyard branch line

Railway workings on Portsea Island were once fascinating to watch. At one time we had the line to East Southsea; the Portsmouth gasworks railway; the Hilsea industrial lines; the line across the viaduct to South Railway Jetty and, perhaps the most noticeable as it passed in front of passengers, was the old branch line to the dockyard. 
Ivy covered Ward Room, Queen Street, Portsmouth. Taken from the RN Barracks, HMS Victory (now HMS Nelson) we are looking across the top of the main gate toward the Ward Room. Picture: Mick Cooper collection.

Portsmouth ward room was in an ivy league of its own

Can you remember when many public and private buildings were shrouded in ivy? I recall when the Queen ordered Sandringham House to be freed of the growth covering the front of the building and it looked completely different afterwards.
Commercial Road, Portsmouth, before the M275 wiped it from the face of the city. Herbert Street is on the left. Picture: Mick Cooper collection

Portsmouth's main street before it was destroyed for a motorway

To write this column six days a week, 52 weeks of the year means I need more than 1,200 photographs. As you might imagine I get a frustrated about what to put include on some occasions. I try to make it as interesting as possible and not put in too many repeats. But sometimes I have to when someone recognises a photograph I didn’t know the location of which I had published some weeks previously.
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