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Dahlias are enjoying a much-deserved return to popularity.

Dahlias make a welcome return to the border – Brian Kidd

This is the time of year when there are some truly awful jobs. One of them is digging out dahlias burned by frosts. Quite a few areas have not had a frost yet but here at Waterlooville we had a nasty one a week ago and although I was hoping it would not kill the dahlias –  it did. The stems, leaves and flowers have all turned  brown.
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Take cuttings now of cornus alba Sibirica, the Siberian dogwood.

How to make your garden grow: take cuttings now – Brian Kidd

When I was a student apprentice I worked with several experts who were very successful in rooting plants from cuttings. One of these gems was Bill Hedges, the head gardener at Leigh Park Gardens, now called The Staunton Country Park. Many of you will know what a wonderful place this is, especially if there are children in your life.
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