Tim Martin   'Picture: Habibur Rahman

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin said his trip to Portsmouth yesterday was the most disrupted appearance so far on his tour of Britain. Reporter BYRON MELTON was there to watch what went on...

TENSIONS among punters forced a Brexit debate staged by Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin to ‘shut down’ early in Portsmouth today.
The Tournerbury Woods Estate on Hayling Island. Picture: Goble Photography

PLANS to expand a woodland wedding business have been met by backlash from residents who fear more parties and music will ‘damage peace and tranquillity’.
From left, councillor Tim Pike and skipper Colin Hill with mayor of Havant Peter Wade, his wife Janet, and fellow backers of the Hayling Ferry bus trial. Picture: Malcolm Wells

CAMPAIGNERS are concerned the Hayling Ferry may never be supported by a bus again after a ‘very poor’ response to a £20,000 council transport trial.
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