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CLIVE SMITH: What’s wrong with Trump calling it as it?

Donald Trump has caused outrage around the world again. Apparently in a meeting with a group of lawmakers he expressed frustration that the United States was taking in too many people from countries he described with an abusive term; countries from Africa and the Americas. He then suggested America should be taking in more people from the likes of Norway.

CLIVE SMITH: There’s nothing wrong with giving your child the occasional smack on the legs

CLIVE SMITH: There’s nothing wrong with giving your child the occasional smack on the legs

After Scotland banned the smacking of children, plans are now in place for a three-month consultation in Wales for the same law to be implemented. Furthermore there is increasing pressure for the ban to cover the whole of the UK.

CLIVE SMITH: Germany has failed to protect its citizens

CLIVE SMITH: Germany has failed to protect its citizens

Most of us saw in the new year in good spirits. For a while bad memories of the previous year were forgotten amid positive thoughts towards the year to come.

A bit of snow brought chaos to Stansted - much to Clive's disgust

CLIVE SMITH: These snowflakes should take an online course in igloo-building

Christmases were ruined!

A tweet about shadow home secretary Diane Abbott drew widespread criticism from social media users

CLIVE SMITH: When did this country lose its sense of humour?

Racism; Noun; Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

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Peppa Pig- accused of wasting GPs' time

CLIVE SMITH: Cartoon pig accused of piling pressure on GPs

First it was Fireman Sam coming under fire. Now another kids’ favourite, Peppa Pig, is facing quite ridiculous accusations.

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Months of gossiping ahead... Prince Harry with fiancee Meghan Markle. Picture:  Joe Giddens/PA Wire

CLIVE SMITH: Royal wedding blues – why aren’t we going to get a day off?

With a continual stream of bad news, economic forecasts predicting we’ll be eating Dairlylea Dunkers all next year and Kim Jong-un knocking up nuclear bombs, the news of the royal wedding has given most of us some good news to end the year.

'Supporters will end up watching the action through binoculars,' says Clive

CLIVE SMITH: Our mollycoddling society is breeding out common sense

Who knew that cars travelling at high speed over bumpy, unstable terrain were dangerous?

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The drivers' dispute might be over, but at what cost?

CLIVE SMITH: The dressing-up corner is now no longer safe from the PC brigade

The Church of England has added its twopenneth into the trans-gender debate by saying C of E schools should let children experiment with their gender identity without being bullied or criticised, adding that ‘a child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet... without exception or comment’.

Watching horror films will help you lose weight... allegedly

CLIVE SMITH: Don’t claw hammer the people who might one day save your life

I’ve never understood people abusing and assaulting NHS staff. They’re there to help you for God’s sake.

Controversial white poppies

CLIVE SMITH: White poppies not needed to teach kids horrors of war

Peace campaigners are encouraging children in schools across the country to wear white poppies ahead of Remembrance Day instead of the traditional red.

Firefighter Sam...

CLIVE SMITH: What next – Postperson Pat and his vegan cat?

Forget Donald Trump, Isis and North Korea, they are small fry in comparison to the threat that Fireman Sam poses to humanity.

Staff Maggi Hardcastle, Amanda Mahoney, Tracey Jeffery and Doug Bowen outside the Living Well Centre

Too many people think they can take what they want

There’s an old Indian proverb that goes: ‘A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber.’

Michael Eisner

CLIVE SMITH: Forget your social media biogs and say yes to offer

After a memorable weekend of celebrations for Pompey fans, attention has now turned to Michael Eisner’s takeover bid.

Easter fun is set to take place at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.

CLIVE SMITH: What’s the point of marking the occasion and not naming it?

So the National Trust caused outrage by dropping the word ‘Easter’ from its annual egg hunt.

Mrs Brown's Boys featured on Comic Relief

Comic Relief? I didn’t see too manty laughs there...

Strange how it is called Comic Relief yet there was nothing funny throughout that whole program the other night.

Clive says law changes won't reduce smoking

Law changes are not going to stop people smoking

In a few weeks’ time there will be big changes in the law that will affect the smokers of this country.

Prince William should be allowed to have fun

CLIVE SMITH: I wonder if the robots will end up keeping us in zoos?

I’ve never had any sympathy for people who get mauled by animals whilst they are kept in zoos or circuses.

Vinny could get a job as a shop mannequin

Vinny could get a job in the M&S Xmas window display

Shopping centres and schools have only just finished installing their new ‘gender neutral’ toilets to go alongside the men’s, ladies’ and transgender ones and now it looks like they’ll have to put in one for the genderless aliens amongst us!

Fareham town centre PPP-140514-143423001

Stop getting so offended on behalf of other people

Primark’s been in the news, but not for its fine range of cheap clothing.

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