Blaise Tapp

Even Braveheart would shiver with cold in some northern towns.

Is air conditioning sexist? OPINION

There can be no doubting that we live in mad times. The climate is on the blink and we are all falling out about an issue which, five years ago, only really mattered to a handful of swivel-eyed loons.
Blaise Tapp was a contestant on Ken Bruce's Popmaster quiz on BBC Radio 2

OPINION: A date with the high priest of easy listening

Having too much time on one's hands is something many of us can only dream about. And last week I found myself at the loosest of ends as I limbered up for the next stage of my career; a triumphant act two as opposed to that tricky second album. I hope.
A study found that being outdoors really does relieve stress.

OPINION: I need to get out more - literally

Has there ever been an angrier time than the present day? The Dark Ages were hardly a bed of roses but, back then, the Internet didn’t exist, meaning folk were generally unaware whether their neighbour had suffered a bad day at the slaughterhouse.
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