Admiral Alan West with former Arethusa boys.

Did you train in Arethusa before joining the Royal Navy? - Nostalgia

I wonder how many ex-Arethusa boys still survive in our area? I’ve received a photograph from an E Walker, of Bridgemary, Gosport, but unfortunately no contact details. Mr Walker says he trained on Arethusa II from 1946 until 1948 when he joined the navy proper at HMS St Vincent in Gosport.
HMS Hercules of 1868 vintage in Portsmouth Harbour about 1902.  Picture: Robert James postcard collection.

Did HMS Hercules become training ship Fisgard? - Nostalgia

I think it’s a pity we do not have enough ships named after Roman and Greek mythical heroes. I know we had them in the past, ships like Arethusa and Argus to name but two. But what about HMS Hercules? The name gives strength to any ship don’t you think?
Born on HMS Victory. A section of the birth certificate of Mary Ann Gordon born at 10pm on November 26, 1837, in HMS Victory.

Baby girl born in HMS Victory - Nostalgia

Every now and then I receive an e-mail or letter beating anything I have had in the previous month or so. And so it was when Cheryl Jewitt sent me a copy of the birth certificate of her 3x great grandmother who was born in HMS Victory in 1837.
The route map the convoy took to the embarkation point for the Normandy beaches.

Remains of a D-Day army deep in woods near Havant - Nostalgia

There were many transit camps set up across the Portsmouth area holding troops ready for the second front and the greatest invasion the world had ever seen – D-Day. Many are well-known but one, north of what is now the Leigh Park housing estate, have been lost in the mists of time and dense foliage. 
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