Bellboy John Jenkins, aged 14, in 1934. He had to buy his own uniform plus three white ones.

My first job: bellboy on a transatlantic liner | Nostalgia

Last week I reviewed a new book about the 1906 White Star liner Mauretania and I asked if there were any Portsmouth-area people with links. I wasn’t really expecting a response. You might have read about John Jenkins, the Pompey stalwart and D-Day veteran who has just celebrated his 100th birthday.
THEN: The Roman crossroads at Havant looking north in the 1950s. Picture: Ralph Cousins' collection.

The Roman crossroads still at the heart of Havant

Here are the Roman road crossroads at Havant in a picture I believe was taken about the 1950s. Who remembers waiting for a bus or coach in the waiting room of the Southdown Booking Office on the right? I think there are coach trips advertised inside the right hand window.  
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