King Edward VIII visiting Portsmouth on June 30, 1936 crossing the Waverley Road and Albert Road junction in Southsea.

Two kings greeted by their adoring public in Portsmouth – Nostalgia

The two photographs of royalty in Portsmouth come from Mrs PM Hadley of Havant. I am not too sure about the King George VI travelling down Fratton Road perhaps you can help me? The other shows King Edward VIII a few months before his abdication. Fancy turning his back on all these adoring Portsmouth people, not to mention the British Empire.
A photograph dating from 1864 showing the chain ferry from Portsmouth to Gosport.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection.

Cattle ferried across harbour on their way to city’s abattoir – Nostalgia

I published this photograph, taken by Barry Cox and included in his book about Portsmouth trolleybuses, some time ago and I recently found a letter I had mislaid from Maureen Baldwin, now of Cowplain, who tells me that although it is named the Essoldo in her time it was the Regal. She lived in Milton Market when she was a child and knew the cinema very well.
Mess deck, Royal Yacht Britannia - hammock rails running from bulkhead to bulkhead across 8 Mess. Photo: John Stockham.

RETRO: Royal Yacht Britannia

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