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Lesley explains how finding someone on social media can go wrong. Picture: Shutterstock

How social media 'stalking' can get you in trouble: Opinion

Hands up anyone who’s had a covert look on their ex’s Facebook page? Or googled a potential date? Social media has been a thing for well more than 10 years now. So you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’d all be used to the necessary etiquette that goes with it. Not necessarily.
BOSS DOG: Look what can happen if you take your pet to work

Phone calls were tricky because of all the heavy breathing - Lesley Keating

Last Friday was Bring Your Dog to Work Day which, as a dog lover, is something I really like the idea of… in theory. But in practice, I’m not so sure. I’m currently working from home so Bring Your Dog to Work Day is every day, with my little Yorkie a constant companion, snoring on the sofa while I work on the laptop. However, when I used to work in the office, I did take her with me a few times.
EMBARRASSING: Fancy having to wear one of these

Poncho made me look like a Midsomer Murders victim - Lesley Keating

The ‘great’ British summer has been pretty damp these past few weeks, so it was particularly depressing to see rain forecast when we saw the legendary Nile Rodgers and Chic at Hampton Court Palace Festival at the weekend. But I had a secret weapon. I’d invested in clear plastic, disposable ponchos for us.
LUXURIOUS: Lesley watched Rocketman swathed in cashmere

Dyson woes solved by Wagamama chopsticks - Lesley Keating

I love Dyson vacuum cleaners. I’ve owned quite a few over the years, including a hand-held, telescopic one which is perfect for the car or the stairs. I also have a weird-looking Dyson air purifier fan which saved our lives last summer, and my current upright. 
Baker was sacked from BBC Radio 5 Live for tweeting a joke about the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex's son featuring a picture of a chimpanzee. Picture: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

OPINION: Danny Baker got exactly what he deserves

Veteran broadcaster Danny Baker was sacked by the BBC for an offensive tweet aimed at Meghan and Harry’s baby.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen it, but if you missed it, in a nutshell, he tweeted a picture of a couple holding hands with a small, suited chimpanzee, captioned ‘Royal Baby Leaves Hospital’.
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