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SLEEP: Do we really need less as we get older?

Why am I so exhausted? It must be autumn | Opinion

There’s being tired and then there is being tired. So often when we’re asked how we are, we respond with ‘tired’. Rarely are we really knee-droppingly tired - the kind of exhaustion that comes from having a newborn for example, or working a shift in a hospital, or suffering from long-term insomnia. Yet ‘tired’ is one of our standard responses.
Not every British woman knows Hugh personally.

Films can easily change our perception of the world: OPINION

My children have had a couple of movie days over the summer complete with a few snackettes – cost friendly entertainment. Many of the TV offerings that they’ve been glued to are American-made, which got me thinking about the impressions we get of other countries based on what we watch.
Verity witnessed swimming pool intimidation - from an elderly lady

OPINION: Verity witnesses swimming pool rage

This week I went to the swimming pool. I have noticed that an increasing number of folk have taken to just walking in said pool which, I know, is a legitimate form of exercise, especially if you are injured or elderly.
A sea robin, one of many marine species facing the threat of global warming.

We messed the planet up so we must fix it – Verity Lush

I have been thinking this week about the wasteful years in which we live. It is far too easy for many of us to read or hear the word ‘environment’ and start muttering about patchouli-wreathed hippies and people currently causing a nuisance to others by protesting on the streets of London. 
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