Verity Lush

Verity witnessed swimming pool intimidation - from an elderly lady

OPINION: Verity witnesses swimming pool rage

This week I went to the swimming pool. I have noticed that an increasing number of folk have taken to just walking in said pool which, I know, is a legitimate form of exercise, especially if you are injured or elderly.
A sea robin, one of many marine species facing the threat of global warming.

We messed the planet up so we must fix it – Verity Lush

I have been thinking this week about the wasteful years in which we live. It is far too easy for many of us to read or hear the word ‘environment’ and start muttering about patchouli-wreathed hippies and people currently causing a nuisance to others by protesting on the streets of London. 
Verity is cleaning everything in sight - and says you should too. Picture: Shutterstock

I have been sent into a mad cleaning frenzy – Verity Lush

If you are not a habitual hand-washer, then may I suggest you begin scrubbing up as if you’re in an episode of Holby and elbow-deep in torso. Having suffered what I can only assume, due to its vicious demeanour, intensity and longevity – and the fact that I lost a dress size – was the norovirus, I strongly advise investing in some good bleach.
Verity Lush with the droopy supermarket parsnip

Beware of mouldy post-festive supermarket veg – Verity Lush

Today I braved the post-festive food shop, armed with a traditional new year list filled with vegetables and healthy foods. I don’t have enough fingers to actually count how many times I have recently visited a well-known supermarket and spotted something (or things) that have been rotting in the fruit and veg aisles. 
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