Verity Lush

Verity is cleaning everything in sight - and says you should too. Picture: Shutterstock

I have been sent into a mad cleaning frenzy – Verity Lush

If you are not a habitual hand-washer, then may I suggest you begin scrubbing up as if you’re in an episode of Holby and elbow-deep in torso. Having suffered what I can only assume, due to its vicious demeanour, intensity and longevity – and the fact that I lost a dress size – was the norovirus, I strongly advise investing in some good bleach.
Verity Lush with the droopy supermarket parsnip

Beware of mouldy post-festive supermarket veg – Verity Lush

Today I braved the post-festive food shop, armed with a traditional new year list filled with vegetables and healthy foods. I don’t have enough fingers to actually count how many times I have recently visited a well-known supermarket and spotted something (or things) that have been rotting in the fruit and veg aisles. 
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