This 21-year-old has opened Southsea's first bubble tea bar

YOUNG entrepreneur Annie Wu is on a mission to share her love of bubble tea.Â

Friday, 19th October 2018, 4:52 pm
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 6:00 pm
Annie Wu at her new tea bar Mooboo in Portsmouth. Picture : Habibur Rahman

The dynamic 21-year-old saved an impressive £50,000 while studying for a degree in film and photography and she has opened Southsea's first bubble tea bar. 

Annie worked at her family's Chinese takeaway '“ the Golden Boat in Havant '“ around her studies. Something which she says has given her great experience for running a catering business '“ and the determination to make a success of it. 

On Saturday, her hard work paid off as she opened Mooboo in Palmerston Road, off Auckland Road East, in the former Palmerston News Market unit, which until recently was Melted. 

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Annie Wu at her new tea bar Mooboo in Portsmouth. Picture : Habibur Rahman

Annie said: '˜I want to share with everyone this amazing drink because I love it. There's nothing else like it. I think people will love it when they try it. People are curious but once they taste it, they love it. Some people are a bit afraid of it because it is new.' 

Bubble tea is a traditional Taiwanese drink '“ served either hot or cold. The brightly-coloured drink can either be fruit flavoured '“ with popular flavours such as mango, apple and passionfruit, or non-dairy milk based. Customers can chose the level of sweetness, plus the topping or bubbles, which can be tapioca, popping balls, jelly, pudding or red beans. 

Annie said it is popular in Taiwan, and she hopes it will catch on in the UK. '˜It is really refreshing,' she added. 

Mooboo has 14 other stores across the UK, with the nearest being in Brighton.

Annie Wu at her new tea bar Mooboo. Picture : Habibur Rahman

It has not been easy for Annie, who has had to sacrifice her free time to focus on her plan. 

She said: '˜It's been hard to set up. I've been planning this for a year but it feels great to finally be open. I did it for my friends and family, who have been really supportive. My parents were worried and they were saying 'why take a risk?' but I'm young and I want to try. I believe in the business and that people will love bubble tea.'