Air traffic control firm drives down delays with record year

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AIR traffic control firm NATS is celebrating after recording its lowest delay figures.

NATS, based in Whiteley in Fareham, caused short delays to just 3,495 flights out of 2,144,397 in 2012, compared to 17,013 out of 2,173,715 in 2011.

It estimates that delays due to NATS averaged 1.6 seconds per flight but that in practice, 99.8 per cent of flights were not delayed by the firm.

Each UK flight NATS did delay was held up for an average of 15.9 minutes.

NATS delayed flights for 55,692 minutes last year, improving on 290,180 minutes of delays in 2011.

The managing director of NATS Martin Rolfe said: ‘It’s extremely rare now for anyone flying in the UK to be held up as a result of NATS air traffic control.’