All systems go for Portsmouth Team Britannia team in their bid to clinch world record

THEY'RE gearing up to power round the world and bring back a new record.

Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 6:02 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 9:27 am
Alan Priddy, left, with boatbuilder Paul Johnson Picture: Malcolm Wells (160613-0537)

Powerboat team Team Britannia has taken a big step forward towards making its dream a reality after key materials needed to build its 80ft vessel were delivered to Hayling Island yesterday.

The powerboat – to be captained by Portsmouth ocean racing legend Alan Priddy – will be built out of special aluminium and will weigh 15 tonnes.

It is anticipated construction will take around three months before sea trials begin.

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How Team Britannia's boat will look

The team aims to circumnavigate the globe in the fastest time.

And the vessel will be eco-­friendly and use clean fuel.

The boat – pictured right – will be powered by a mixture of diesel, water, and an emulsifying agent, to reduce pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide being emitted.

Speaking to The News, Alan said: ‘We want to show what we have developed.

How Team Britannia's boat will look

‘By completing a world record on this technology, we see no reason why it wouldn’t be something to look into further.’

The first of the 38 frames that make up the internal skeleton of the vessel were delivered to Hayling by metal cutting firm Aalco.

The frames will be set into a jig, before being fixed together by master boatbuilder Paul Johnson.

The current world record stands at 60 days 23hrs 49mins and is held by New Zealander Pete Bethune.

Alan said: ‘It is about time that the UK reclaimed the record, and we reckon that it will take us 45 days to complete the race – although if we have the conditions we want, we predict it could be closer to 40.’

Alan is joined by 12 members of the crew and also has a team of over 100 people working behind the scenes.

Mr Priddy said: ‘We have 12 team members, of which five come from the Royal Foundation.

‘We have people working 24/7 to give us updates on weather conditions, thankfully we should be able to avoid hurricanes, storms and the like.

‘We have a land team who have to fly across the world and meet us there.

‘We have all put everything we have into this project.’

It comes after The Dupree Cup was made the official prize for the record bid.