Anger at delays in clearing sewage from Portsmouth road

FLOODED Kingston Road was swamped with dirty water
FLOODED Kingston Road was swamped with dirty water

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CONCERNS have been raised over delays in pumping sewage water off a road in Portsmouth.

Water which had spilled from a manhole in Kingston Road, Buckland, before Christmas stayed there for about 10 days before it was finally cleared away by Southern Water.

Residents say the water was about 3in deep.

They believe it was fortunate that no-one was knocked down by a car while walking into the road to try to dodge it.

Andrew MacDowell, 56, a private teacher who lives in Toronto Road, Buckland, said: ‘I was aware of the situation over Christmas but others around here told me the water had been there before that.

‘I rang someone at Southern Water on Thursday to tell them about the problem and they said the company had been very busy recently.

‘This situation should have been made a priority and sorted out far sooner.

‘It shouldn’t have even been left for a day.

‘The water was beginning to stink and had created a very dangerous situation.

‘I saw a woman with a pram and three little children crossing the road and you could see that they were having trouble getting around the water.’

A Southern Water spokeswoman said: ‘We were called to Kingston Road after sewage was spotted leaking from a manhole.

‘A blockage of solidified cooking oil and fat was found to be the cause.

‘The blockage was cleared by approximately 6.18pm on Thursday.

‘Fat, oil and grease cools in sewers and sticks to the sides of the pipe.

‘Over time this can block the sewer and cause flooding.

‘To help us avoid blockages such as these, we ask customers to let cooking fats cool and then put them into their bins and not to pour them down sinks.’