Anger at long wait to get lift in block of flats repaired

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RESIDENTS in a block of flats have spoken of their anger over the delay in getting their only lift fixed.

The lift in Greywell Heights, Dunsbury Way, Havant, broke down last week when water leaked in to the electrics during heavy rain.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH Emma Wood, 30, with her 23-month-old son Jack Bolton next to the out of order lift. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (14248-7187)

NOT GOOD ENOUGH Emma Wood, 30, with her 23-month-old son Jack Bolton next to the out of order lift. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (14248-7187)

The two-storey block has a number of young families and disabled people living in it but residents felt the housing association, Hyde Martlet, were not acting quickly enough to fix it.

One lady who uses a wheelchair had to be carried down the stairs by firefighters to make an urgent hospital appointment.

In the end she was moved into temporary accommodation while the lift was out of order. It was not fixed until yesterday lunchtime, having broken down last Thursday.

Emma Wood, 30, lives in the flats with her 23-month-old son Jack, who is disabled.

Residents’ spokesperson, Miss Bolton said: ‘It was inconvenient to say the least.

‘We all think it’s a bit shocking for it to have been out this long. My neighbour had real problems and had to actually move out because she couldn’t get up and down the stairs to make hospital appointments.

‘I had to cancel several hospital appointments for my son because we couldn’t carry the wheelchair down the stairs in case it got bumped.

‘A lot of people in the block have children so it was a real problem getting up and down the stairs with pushchairs.

‘We are really relieved that it’s fixed but I think there should have been better communication with us all because we weren’t told what was happening.’

Miss Wood said the housing association should consider putting in an extra lift.

A spokesman for Hyde Martlet, which owns houses across the south, said fixing the lift was a complicated operation which is why it took so long.

Jane Ball, regional director for the Hyde Group, said: ‘Fortunately the situation is now resolved and our residents, at last, can use the lift as normal.

‘I am very sorry it took a while for our contractor to fix the problem, which was a result of heavy rainfall.

‘I know this inconvenienced several of our residents. My colleagues were liaising with the most vulnerable to ensure that the inconvenience was kept to a minimum. The welfare of residents is very important to all of us here at Hyde.’