Apple firm is in a jam over its ingredients

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A FORMER City of Portsmouth Girls School pupil is taking her fight to ‘call jam jam’ to Europe.

Michelle McKenna, who grew up in Portsmouth and whose family still live here, has been told by Trading Standards she can no longer call her apple spread a jam because it does not meet ingredient requirements..

She runs Clippy’s, a company she set up after hitting upon the idea of combining saving England’s dwindling apple orchards with creating apple products.

The firm has a lucrative contract with Tesco but has fallen foul of the law which says jam content must be at least 60 per cent sugar. Clippy’s is 51 to 54 per cent.

The case is going to the European Commission.

Miss McKenna, said: ‘All I want to do is call my jam jam. Our jams have the highest fresh fruit content than any other jam, conserve or fruit spread and these ridiculous rules leave us in a jam no mans land.’