Bank branch is one of the most hi-tech in country

Portsmouth station closes as part of bridge maintenance work

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A BANK branch has gone back to the future with its new look.

The Barclays in Commercial Road, Portsmouth, is now one of the most hi-tech banks in the country, after being kitted out with all the latest equipment.

But gone are the bulletproof screens between teller staff and customers which would protect them from robbers.

Branch manager Beckie Smith said the lack of glass posed no threat to staff safety.

She added: ‘This just brings everyone together.

‘We have the new units which the teller has no way to access without someone’s debit card.’

The Teller Assisted Units are a kind of small safe, which can only be accessed to place money in or take it out once a customer has put their card in to a reader and entered their PIN.

Other technology includes an internal cash machine with a speech facility, a cash and cheque deposit machine which instantly credits cash to customers’ accounts and provides photocopies of the cheques deposited, free wi fi for customers, and a digital demo bar which uses an iPad, Blackberry and tablet to allow customers to experience the latest online and mobile banking.

Beckie added: ‘This massive investment into the area has created one of the most stylish, efficient and technologically advanced branches in the country.’

The new branch was officially opened by Portsmouth Lord Mayor Frank Jonas, and £815.22 was raised for the Alzheimers Society, half of which came from Barclays.