Bank error causes delay in wages for Pompey players

Pompey players training yesterday
Pompey players training yesterday
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POMPEY players were forced to wait for their wages for an extra 24 hours after a bank error.

On Monday, 10 members of the club’s squad were surprised to discover that their pay had not arrived in their bank accounts as expected – leading to speculation that Pompey’s finances were once again in trouble.

But it was quickly revealed that the delay was down to an error by Lloyds TSB – for which they have now emailed players to apologise, according to club chief executive David Lampitt.

He said that fears about the club’s money situation were misplaced, and there was nothing for fans and players to worry about.

He said: ‘A small number of players received their pay on Tuesday morning, rather than Monday, because of a mistake by Lloyds TSB.

‘The issue has now been resolved, and there is no reason for any concern about the club at all.

‘It was purely a matter of the bank missing a list of names, and they emailed the players directly to apologise.

‘All this sort of rumour does is undermine the work we are trying to do, and start conspiracy theories which are simply not true.’

Late payment of player wages happened during last year’s money problems and caused concern to some supporters at the time.

A fan – who did not wish to be named – said: ‘It is good news – it certainly sent shivers down my spine to hear that wages were late again.

‘But I think the guys running the club now are trustworthy, so I’m willing to take their word for it.’

At the start of 2010 the club’s financial troubles caused pay to be delayed for three months running, before the club eventually entered administration at the end of February. But Pompey’s current finances are looking far more healthy, with the club on course to hit its financial targets for this year.

Lloyds TSB was unavailable to comment.

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