Ben Ainslie America’s Cup team to be as green as possible

The Ben Ainslie Racing team in 2012 off San Francisco
The Ben Ainslie Racing team in 2012 off San Francisco
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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BEN Ainslie Racing has signed a deal to make sure its carbon footprint for the America’s Cup campaign is as small as possible.

The sailing team, founded by British Olympian and America’s Cup winner Ben Ainslie, has teamed up with technology experts Matrix in a bid to win the America’s Cup with as little environmental impact as possible.

The partnership forms part of BAR’s sustainability strategy – which is focused on stewardship, integrity, innovation, technology and leadership.

The team is supported by its sustainability partner, 11th Hour Racing Inc, a leader in the field of sustainability, to create a new model of sustainable practices that support the health of oceans.

Matrix technology enables BAR to introduce a system to screen suppliers, as well as set sustainability requirements across all products.

The system will enable BAR, which is building a base in Old Portsmouth, to have the lightest environmental footprint, as well as target investment in the local economy and create jobs and business opportunities locally.

Andy Hindley, BAR’s chief operating officer, said: ‘Sustainability is incredibly important to us.

‘We have so much engineering talent in the Solent area, and we are keen to ensure we maximise our engagement with all those firms and people.

‘The Matrix platform enables us to take a far more sophisticated approach to engaging with and managing our suppliers.’

Julian Young, chief executive officer of Matrix, said: ‘Our technology will help BAR to reduce its carbon footprint, by opening up the market and using local suppliers. Standard procurement of products, services and high-specification components tend to utilise known suppliers.

‘Our technology will allow the smallest of design houses and providers to pitch, creating an opportunity for genuine innovation, quality and outcomes.

‘Already we can see remarkable local talent and sustainable supply simply through the engagement of the Solent-based community.’