Boeing celebrates launch of plane at Titchfield factory

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THE president of Boeing yesterday visited a firm in Titchfield to celebrate its involvement in the cutting edge technology on a new generation of aircraft.

Eaton Aerospace was involved in developing fuel technology which will be built in to the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The fuselage of a 787 is made of composite materials in the same way the body of a Formula 1 car is. It makes it lighter, stronger, and much more fuel efficient.

Boeing estimates the new plane will use 20 per cent less fuel than the 767 it replaces and will be 30 per cent cheaper to maintain.

The first one was delivered to All Nippon Airways yesterday, and will make its inaugural flight between Tokyo and Hong Kong on October 26.

Boeing president Sir Roger Bone joined Eaton Aerospace’s vice president and general manager Frank Dubey, who runs the global fuel systems business, and Fareham MP Mark Hoban at Eaton’s Titchfield headquarters.

Sir Roger said the launch of the Dreamliner was as important as the launch of the 747 20 years ago.

He added: ‘This is a hugely important day for Boeing, and a hugely important day for Eaton Aerospace.

‘It’s a massive step in the development of aerospace.’

Mr Hoban told The News: ‘This demonstrates that a local business can compete successfully as a global business, but the ingredients that have made Eaton so successful is investment in new technology, new skills, and linking with universities such as Portsmouth and Southampton.’

Boeing has already taken orders for 821 of the planes, mainly from Asia.