Bognor’s Butlins holiday resort is hit by sickness virus

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ABOUT 200 holidaymakers at a Butlins resort were taken ill with a highly contagious vomiting bug.

The norovirus outbreak struck the holiday camp in Bognor Regis.

The virus, which generally only lasts 24 hours but causes severe sickness, started affecting guests on Saturday night.

The resort was at almost full capacity with 5,000 guests.

Butlins officials said all the guests who reported that they had the virus have now left the resort.

They said they had stepped procedures of sanitising to stop the virus spreading, but there was no way of knowing how it had started.

A statement said: ‘Our cleaning and sanitising procedures were successful in containing the spread of this common 24-hour bug with about 200 people affected out of 5,000 guests.’

Guests have the option of moving their booking to a different resort if they do not want to stay at Bognor or rearranging the dates of their break.