Boost for museum as games are given a Mary Rose twist

PLAYING THE GAME The Mary Rose now has its own versions of Cluedo, Monopoly and Top Trumps
PLAYING THE GAME The Mary Rose now has its own versions of Cluedo, Monopoly and Top Trumps
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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THREE popular games which are a hit among families at Christmas have been given a Mary Rose makeover.

New versions of Monopoly, Cluedo, and Top Trumps have been released which are all centred around the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth.

The museum, at the city’s historic dockyard, was approached with the idea by games maker Winning Moves earlier this year.

All profits from games sold go back to the museum.

Paul Griffiths, the operations manager at the Mary Rose Museum, said: ‘It’s really exciting because they approached us and normally they only approach the big national museums.

‘So it just goes to show that the Mary Rose Museum is held in high regard already.

‘We’re really pleased to have the games and I’m sure they would make great Christmas presents.’

The three classic games have all been given a Mary Rose twist.

Mary Rose Monopoly sees players tour the museum, with artefacts, display galleries, and conservation areas up for grabs.

Top Trumps is based on artefacts from the new museum, and poses questions to players such as “Which was discovered first, the ship’s dog, or the ship’s bell?”

And the Cluedo game challenges players to piece together evidence as they explore the decks, hunting for clues as to who sabotaged the ship.

Some of the characters in the box have been modelled on actual members of museum staff, including the head of interpretation Christopher Dobbs and front of house manager James Rodliff.

Monopoly and Top Trumps are already available to buy in the Mary Rose shop and online at Cluedo is expected to arrive at the shop in the next week.

The new Mary Rose Museum opened to the public in May this year.

Since then, more than 250,000 people have visited the attraction.