Bosses on holiday worry about their businesses

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THE Investors in People organisation covering Hampshire has said that a third of business leaders say they are anxious to return to work after a summer break.

Around 31 per cent of bosses surveyed say they worried problems would surface in their absence, but 90 per cent said they felt confident that the business would run smoothly while they were away, possibly because 58 per cent keep in touch while on leave.

John Telfer, managing director of Investors in People South, said: ‘It can be difficult to relax on holiday, especially as technology now means it is easier than ever to contact the office and check your emails while away. However, it means that bosses never really relax and it is not a long-term solution for the future of the business – there has to be someone who could fulfil your duties in your absence.

‘Organisations need to have a succession plan in place, whether it is to cover a fortnight’s holiday or a key member of staff leaving, becoming sick or retiring. Employers must ask themselves how the business would cope if certain employees were no longer working for the company.’