Bright tech ideas to make business boom

Thinking out of the box can help you stand out from the crowd

Tuesday, 18th October 2016, 1:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 7:56 pm
Is your business ready to transform?

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that can have the most dramatic difference in our lives.

Just ask the person who invented sliced bread. Simple, yet something that made life that bit easier.

At work too, it’s often solutions to those niggling problems that have the biggest impact. Little changes that mean business flows that bit easier, we’re less frustrated and distracted, and precious time isn’t wasted.

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Of course the biggest transformation has come from mobile phones and digital technology. Just being able to access information on the move has completely changed how we live and work.

But what about the next generation of simple yet smart new technology that’s either here already or coming soon?

Here are some of the next big things, simple solutions to challenging problems that will have you wishing you’d thought of them first….

Ever missed the start of an important business meeting or wasted precious time because you couldn’t find a parking space? Technology is already being used in some countries that lets drivers key a destination into an app on their mobile phone and find available parking places instantly. Not just that, they can even book and pay for their space before they arrive.

There’s nothing more annoying than losing your mobile phone signal at the crucial point of an important business call. Yet one clever solution to the problem is already in place. Telecom experts (adops please insert hyperlink http://www.overline.combehind Overline) Overline has just unveiled MultiNet, a bolt on addition to their mobile phone service which means customers can automatically roam between all major UK network signals. It means maximum coverage, so less chance of losing the vital signal at precisely the worst time. Genius.

Pressing a button, looking out of the window to check the weather… both so last year. Super intelligent virtual assistants are on the way. A major leap forward from the voice recognition facility on your phone or tablet, they’ll answer any question you can think of – not just direct you to a search engine - and even do what they’re asked. Need to make a payment from your business account, switch off the office printer or turn up the heating? Just ask.

Hot desking is proving increasingly popular among staff as it builds up a good rapport between departments. New ‘soft phone’ technology puts the ‘phone’ into their computer as there’s no traditional phone equipment to take up desk space. All staff need is a headset and their log on. It means wherever they are – even at home – they can make ‘calls’ on the office phone. Far more flexible and often cheaper, it’s already available through providers like (adops please insert hyperlink behind Overline) Overline. No more clutter.

Google Glass didn’t quite cut it, but could new audible ‘wearables’ be the future? Ask for your day’s diary, Stock Market results or an important phone number and you’ll receive the information you want, spoken straight into your ear through a small device that looks like an earbud headphone. That’s smart.

There are many more – who else wishes they’d invented wireless charging pads that will power up your phone by just placing it on top? And any could be the next ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’.

Find out more about the next big telecoms solutions like MultiNet, the mobile phone network solution (adops please insert hyperlink behind here) here.