Business centre will celebrate a decade in the city

BIRTHDAY The Technopole building in Kingston Crescent
BIRTHDAY The Technopole building in Kingston Crescent

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A DECADE’S worth of support, encouragement and helping fledgling firms get off the ground is to be celebrated in Portsmouth next month.

Portsmouth Technopole, which provides office space and support services for 40 start-ups and early-stage firms, hosts the celebratory evening on Tuesday, October 1, to mark 10 years since the business centre’s inception.

Businessmen and women, along with civic leaders and officials, will hear how the centre has created strong legacies by helping occupiers thrive through a serviced office environment, freeing them up to focus on what they do best.

More than 150 people work for a diverse range of firms at the landmark building in Kingston Crescent, by the M275, with hundreds of other jobs underpinned through a region-wide supply chain.

It is run by Oxford Innovation, and its managing director of business and innovation centres, Chris Allington, will provide the official welcome.

He said: ‘In the 10 years the Technopole has been running many businesses have based their operations within it and, as a result, have been exposed to opportunities to grow and develop that may not otherwise have been available.

‘The centre has also seen a number of successful graduates that have grown to make up part of the enterprise landscape of Portsmouth, making the Technopole an indispensable contributor to the local economy.’

‘The Technopole has become a driving force of local economic regeneration over recent years, generating higher-value jobs in the knowledge sector and helping to rebalance the economy from an over-reliance on jobs in the retail, tourism and hospitality industries, important as they are.

‘At the heart of this city success story is the centre’s ability to meet and surpass the expectations of occupiers over the years, along with overwhelming support from the business community, city council, higher and further education establishments and local residents. Given such a groundswell of support, it is no wonder the centre has become a key local institution, doing Portsmouth proud.’