Business greets the year ahead with charity drive

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A fledgling internet business is greeting the new year with a donation to charity.

SmartSenda was founded by engaged Portsmouth couple Lisa Fay and Chris Webb in October and is a website where people can buy greetings cards and have them sent out.

But what makes Lisa and Chris’s business a little bit different is that they have got a reminder service – so no anniversary need ever be forgotten.

‘It’s a modern twist on a traditional product,’ Lisa said, adding that the business has got off to a ‘flying start’ since it was launched.

The company mainly uses independent designers who have been found through craft fairs or websites selling homemade products to design their cards. They stock a few recognisable names, such as Five Dollar Shake, which also sells through Harrods.

Lisa described the product high quality, and something that may not necessarily be found on the high street.

‘This is our first business together,’ Lisa said. ‘It’s been a huge learning curve, and a lot of juggling, but it’s been great.’

As part of the firm’s launch, it donated the proceeds of its Christmas card sale to the Friends of the Elderly charity.

The company joined up with Alton care home The Lawn for a craft session where residents created new designs, which were then converted by a graphic designer and reproduced on the Christmas cards.

Lisa said: ‘As a start-up we raised just over £220, but we’re hoping that as time goes on and our name is out there a bit more that we can raise more next year.’

‘We have ongoing links with Friends of the Elderly and we donate money from every card sold.’