Businesses lack confidence in police support

Simon Hayes
Simon Hayes

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RESULTS of an online business crime survey has provided a good starting point to help develop a Business Crime Strategy, according to Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner, Simon Hayes.

Highlights of the survey showed that almost half of respondents claimed they have been a victim of business crime with 26 per cent stating that they did not report it to the police, with a further 29 per cent only reporting some incidents.

Crimes include theft from business premises, theft by employee, damage to buildings and theft from commercial vehicles.

Lack of confidence in the police response was the largest single reason for this, followed by the loss being minimal or no loss at all.

Commenting on the survey, Mr Hayes said: ‘These results highlight the necessity for the constabulary to develop a Business Crime Strategy, as clearly there are concerns within the business community that more needs to be done to improve confidence in the police and their response to reports of crime committed against businesses.

‘The chief constable has already started to implement measures to more effectively deal with business crime reports and how the constabulary will work more closely with businesses to improve confidence and understanding.

‘As I said at the start of this survey, I want to see Hampshire Constabulary improve the consistency in recording crimes against businesses.’