Businesses left without power on one of the busiest days of the year

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UP TO 92 properties in Waterlooville were left without power as power cuts continued to affect the area for the second day runing.

Many businesses, on The Precinct and London Road, had intermittent power today — one of the busiest trading days of the year.

A power cut affected the same area yesterday and was thought to be fixed this morning, although power went again soon after.

Eventually the power problems were sorted by engineers working for Southern Electric at around 2.30pm.

A hole was dug in the precinct and barriers put up around it, which prompted safety concerns from local traders.

John Parker, from Tebori Custom Tattoo, said: ‘They dug a big hole and we had to go out and place the barriers properly as there were many elderly people walking past.

‘The barriers are still not safe now.’

A spokesman from Southern Electric said that power was back up by 2.30pm.

They said: ‘Safety is our number one priority at Southern Electric, so the concerns over the site’s barriers will be looked at.’