Businesses will see benefits by investing in Pompey

PART-OWNER Mark Trapani with a Pompey Supporters' Trust share certificate
PART-OWNER Mark Trapani with a Pompey Supporters' Trust share certificate
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IT could be the last chance to have a share in something wonderful.

Mark Trapani, managing director of the Snows Motor Group in Portsmouth, is urging other businesses to buy shares in Portsmouth Football Club before the scheme closes in April.

Last year Pompey became one of the largest wholly fan-owned clubs in the UK after years of struggle, two periods of administration in three seasons, and a high court wrangle over their Fratton Park stadium.

The shares form part of the Pompey Supporters’ Trust’s majority ownership of the club. The other owners include individual fan investors, including Mr Trapani, who is one of the club’s directors.

He said: ‘Portsmouth is a pretty unique trading environment, and I’ve always maintained it’s a great place to have a business because it’s a close-knit community.

‘The football club is a mid-size employer of both full and part-time people, and now we’ve found a little bit more security and stability here, we’re going to want to grow in the community and encourage that growth and expansion through the academy and training, and that then has an effect on the local economy and local businesses.’

Each share costs £1,000 and a certificate is issued to all those who sign up to put in the boardroom or reception.

Businesses can club together to invest, or alternatively buy more than one share.

Mr Trapani added: ‘I’ve always maintained that when Pompey are winning, and don’t worry, we will, we benefit because there is that fantastic feel-good factor in the city.

‘People really do feel so much better on a Saturday afternoon when we’ve won, and as a result, the circulation of funds then becomes stronger.’

‘Not only will local businesses be helping to support the club, they will also, excitingly, become part of the fabric of the club – literally.’

Any business interested can see for details on how to apply for shares.