Buy meat locally and support butchers

Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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COUNTRYSIDE organisation the CLA is urging the public to buy meat from a butcher or farm shop.

As reported in The News, local butchers are already seeing business increase after horse meat was found in pre-packaged beef products, such as supermarket burgers and Findus lasagne.

Now the regional branch of the CLA is urging customers to buy directly from a butcher, and help support local businesses at the same time.

CLA south east director Robin Edwards said: ‘The revelations that some processed beef contained over 60 per cent horse meat came as a shock, and it underlines what we have been saying for years – that shopping locally brings not just better tasting, fresher food, but is also traceable.

‘Buying locally ensures that the meat you have bought is of high welfare standards and supports our British farmers.

‘Of course, some farms even sell meat direct through their own farm shops.’