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A COMIC strip that paints a picture of the daily misery endured by commuters on the A27 has been produced.

Illustrator Garry Robson made the cartoon strip as part of the A27 Action Campaign, which is being spearheaded by West Sussex County Council and is urging the government to invest big sums in improving the congested route.

Mr Robson said: ‘I’m fully behind the county council’s bid to the government for an upgrade and any other initiatives that are aimed at improving accessibility for residents and local businesses.

‘The comic strips I have drawn are designed to poke fun at the troubles and frustrations that commuters face on a daily basis, but with the intention of highlighting the seriousness of the problem and how much improvements to the road really are needed.’

Samantha Mowbray, head of policy and communications at the Chichester-based authority, said: ‘This is just one example of the innovative work the team here is doing to promote the importance of the A27 Action campaign to residents up and down the county.

‘It’s vital that we gain as much support from both businesses and residents as possible to help strengthen our bid to the government for funding.

An announcement on whether the A27 should be considered for investment is expected in the Chancellor’s autumn statement in early December.

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