Centre manager turns spaceman for challenge

HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum from the air     Picture: Shaun Roster

‘Nowhere in Europe offers everything Portsmouth does’

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THE manager of a Gosport business centre has boldly gone where few people have gone before, and had his photograph sent up into space.

Andrew Weston, manager of the Basepoint managed Gosport Business Centre, took part in Nasa’s Face in Space challenge.

He was one of 367,627 people worldwide who uploaded photographs of themselves which were taken on board the Atlantis Space Shuttle.

The shuttle took supplies to the International Space Station on its last ever mission, travelling at 17,400mph and at a height of 220 miles.

Only 16,500 people took part from the UK.

Mr Weston, 47, said: ‘I actually found out about the scheme from a Nasa astronaut.

‘Stephen Bowen, who travelled on the Atlantis in May 2010, visited Portsmouth last year and that’s how I found out about it.

‘To be able to say that I was part of the last ever Space Shuttle flight is a bit special and I can honestly say that I have never travelled that fast before and I don’t think I ever will again!’